Farming and Fruit Picking jobs in USA & Canada

Farming and Fruit Picking jobs in USA & Canada

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Farming & picking Industry Jobs in Canada with Salaries

In the Canada alone, over 100,000 jobs in agriculture and farming are available yearly. Qualified graduates to fill the these vacancies are not enough. So, the Canadian Government seems to be experiencing the problems of labour shortage, as their farming sectors continually struggle to find new workers.


Medical Aid provided by the company Free accommodation and transportation 2 return flight tickets per annum

How could this be?

Company Type  Farming and picking
Job Location USA & Canada
Nationality All Nationalities can Apply
Education Secondary Level/High School/Diploma/Degree
Experience Experienced are preferred
Salary/Wage Range Specified with each job title
Employee Benefits Attractive Job Benefits & Perks

Farming and Picking jobs in USA & Canada
Farming and Picking jobs in USA & Canada

The drought has caused growers to fallow hundreds of thousands of acres and forced ranchers to sell off livestock. But some parts of agriculture have continued to grow in revenue and jobs (albeit at a slower rate because of the drought).

The growth in labor is largely from farmers shifting to more profitable, permanent crops that usually take more hands to produce, a trend that has been going on for many years.

Global markets are favoring tree fruits and nuts, vine crops and vegetables with high prices, such as almonds pistachios and grapes. This is feeding conversion of farmland from annual crops and pasture to orchards and vineyards that are too valuable to fallow.

Despite the drought, growth in these more labor-intensive crops increased overall agricultural employment last year to a monthly average of 412,300 jobs, the state labor data show.

Farming jobs photo
Farming and Picking jobs

Last summer we estimated the 2014 drought would result in the loss of 17,100 jobs across California’s economy, with 7,500 of these jobs directly related to agriculture. The fallout has been harsh on many farm communities already suffering from high unemployment, particularly in the San Joaquin Valley. But it is not inconsistent with the longer-term increase in total farm employment.

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